10 Most Iconic Fashion Designers of All Time …

1. Coco Chanel

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel revolutionised modern women’s wear. Her designs liberated women’s bodies from the restrictive, corseted fashions of the time. The Chanel suit is iconic, as is the 2.55 bag, and Chanel has often been cited as pioneering the concept of the ‘little black dress’. She’s undoubtedly one of the best fashion designers of our time.

2. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent is often credited as being a directional and determining force in modern fashion. He introduced masculine tailoring for women and is famed for creating the ‘Le Smoking’ #look, which saw women in tuxedo inspired designs. The YSL brand is still one of the most coveted labels to this day.

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in dress, the prevailing mode affecting modifications in costume. Styles in Asia have been characterized by freedom from change, and ancient Greek and Roman dress preserved the same flowing lines for centuries. Fashion in dress and interior decoration may be said to have originated in Europe about the 14th cent. New styles were set by monarchs and prominent personages and were spread by travelers, by descriptions in letters, and, in costume

, by the exchange of the fashion doll

. The first fashion magazine is thought to have originated c.1586 in Frankfurt, Germany; it was widely imitated, gradually superseding fashion dolls. Godey’s Lady’s Book, established in the United States in 1830, remained popular for decades. In interior decoration the influence of designers, such as Chippendale, Sheraton, and Robert and James Adam, was apparent in the 18th cent., but in costume the only influential designer at that period was Rose Bertin, milliner and dressmaker to Marie Antoinette.

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Feminism, fashion and today’s new teen icons

In 1996, a group of teenage riot grrls were causing controversy at their private California high school. With a DIY feminist zine, dyed and unbrushed hair, monobrows and clothes that stood out a mile from their very Clueless classmates, the political identity of the so-called Dirty Girls was intimately entangled with their appearances. Captured in a lo-fi documentary by fellow high school student Michael Lucid, everything they did was about resisting conformity and commercialism, embodying the anti-fashion, thrift store spirit of grunge. The reward for their efforts was peer ostracisation. “That’s the girl that didn’t take a shower since Kurt Cobain died,” hisses one classmate of Amber, the group’s ringleader.

That same year, Tavi Gevinson was born. Now 19, in 2010 the fashion blogger and child of the internet would go on to found online magazine Rookie, giving the mass of Tumblr’s mostly female, mostly teenage users (who, since the site’s establishment in 2007, had been waking up to ideas like dyeing their armpit hair, posting self-love GPOYs, and deconstructing the patriarchy) a centralised platform to embrace their girlhood and let the seeds of their new wave feminism grow. They returned to a similar – if hyper-feminine – riot grrl aesthetic adopted by the Dirty Girls, but this time they had the internet to tell them they weren’t alone.

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Top 5 Electric Kettles

As with anyone who has set up a home, you understand that buying the right appliances for your kitchen can make the difference between a smooth and effective kitchen or an unreliable, inconsistent nightmare. It is generally considered that buying the best you can afford is always good advice. But when we all have different budgets, how can we know which is the best appliance for us?

To help make a decision on which electric kettle to buy, keep in mind the following factors;

  • Reliability –– boiling water might seem like a simple task that one can do using a pan and a stove, but sometimes even the appliances we buy that are designed to simply boil water can’t even do that. So we want to know that the product will work, every time.
  • Safety – this is probably the most important factor. Buying reputable brands will ensure the safest choice. Safety features will also be more abundant in the more expensive brands, where as the cheaper brands will have only minimum safety factors.
  • Power –– depending on how quickly you want your boiled water will depend on how powerful you want your kettle to be. Power is another of those features that gets better or higher with a higher price tag. But for most of us, any kettle will probably do.
  • Styling –– this is a feature that we all care about, probably the most after safety. A kettle sits on your bench top all year round and will need to suit your kitchen décor. Whether you go for brushed stainless steel, white plastic, or shiny chrome finish, the style factor of your kettle will most likely be proportionate to the amount you spend.
  • Durability –– durability is not something that always goes according to price. Sometimes the cheapest kettles from a super market will outlast the most stylish, expensive offering from a premium brand. It’s good to go with recommendations in this regard, or perhaps ask the store clerk what brand has the most returns.

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